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A Place : Corsica

Corsica is a small island situated just off the Italian coast. It enjoys an exceptional climate and plenty of sunshine. It is also the least arid of all the Mediterranean islands and the diversity of its landscapes are what makes it truly unique. As well as its rich history, this small island was the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte and has enjoyed a very long and colourful past. It is reputed for its superb natural landscapes and idyllic beaches which are among the most beautiful in the world. The interior of the island is full of magnificent lakes and breathtaking views.


The Casanova family

A name, a family, a man: André Casanova is the worthy heir to this family heritage. Wine growing is no mystery to André Casanova who knows his very special land like the back of his hand. This creative and passionate winemaker has a knack for developing innovative concepts that delight wine lovers.

The family’s savoir-faire has been passed down through 3 generations with the future in the hands of André Casanova’s son, Paul Vincent Casanova. As the proud heir to an ancestral savoir-faire, Paul Vincent Casanova is already involved in the development of the domaine.

Casanova is a well-known and well-respected name in Corsica and, for Corsican wine connoisseurs, the brand has become synonymous with quality.


The Aghione Vineyard

Situated between the sea and the mountains, nestled in breathtaking landscapes punctuated with snowy mountain tops and beaches of white sand, our vineyards cover 850 hectares, all of which lie adjacent to our vinification cellars.

The vineyards benefit from the sea breezes as well as the cool terroirs on the piedmont slopes. The Mediterranean climate and high levels of sunshine are tempered by the cooling influence of the mountains.

The diverse terroirs here are composed of sandy soils, which give the wines their freshness, clay soils for mineral character and metamorphic rocks (leptynite and green serpentinite) for tannin.


A terroir adapted to each varietal

  • Niellucciu : meaning ‘Black’, produces tannic and full-bodied red wines. Metamorphic terroir : Situated on the geological fault that separates Southern Corsica from Northern Corsica, composed respectively of schist and granite soils, this area is a combination of metamorphic rocks and mountainous terrain.
  • Sciaccarellu : meaning ‘crunchy’, is well-suited to the production of supple reds and delicate, elegant rosés. Sandy terroir : situated near to the coastline, the lowland vineyards are composed of sandy soils and alluvial deposits.
  • Vermentinu (Corsican Malvasia) and Biancu Gentile: for fresh and aromatic whites. Clay terroir : situated at higher altitude, this terroir consists of a clay soil plateau and lies right next to a eucalyptus forest.

Endemic / indigenous varietals

Corsica’s geographical location means that our vines benefit from a Mediterranean climate with high levels of sunshine which are tempered by the influence of the mountains.

Our planting is primarily made up of the following three noble grape varieties:

Niellucciu for the reds

Sciaccarellu for the rosés

Vermentinu & biancu gentile for the whites

Our wines have picked up numerous awards in national and international wine competitions